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Pro Audio Products for Studio and Stage

Creamer/Creamer Plus Tube Pentode Preamplifier
Can’t find a tube preamp that boasts a pleasing coloration, sparky detail and huge headroom? Well, your search is over!  


2di4 Pentode direct Box
The “Holy Grail” of direct boxes, tube or solid state. Folks who try it commonly end up selling their “go to” DI’s. Find out why.  


Creamliner _FP_120818_looks  
Creamliner Line Preamp and Signal Conditioner
Are you a FOH mixer/engineer who uses digital consoles? Or a mastering engineer who often wrestles with harsh sounding mixes? If either is true, this box is made for you!  


Silkworm-angle2_web Silkworm Series 500 preamp
High end sound on budget? This is your ticket!              

Download Sonic Farm Product Sheet (PDF)
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