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Audio Samples

Recording Engineer Kris Siegers describes his recent recording session with rap artist Anami Vice using Sonic Farm gear.
Live drum kit, 5-string bass, vocal samples. (2min):

Here’s a video with guitarist Ed Henderson explaining how he recorded his Bourgeois acoustic guitar with a Creamer and a 2DI4. The actual sound samples can be heard at the very beginning and then again at 3:18, if you don’t have the time for the whole story:

We’re sure you’ve heard recording engineers say that tube preamps shouldn’t be used with classical instruments because “there’s no need to add harmonics to the already harmonically-rich sounds”.
If you are one of people that believe this to be true, please hear the following 2 recordings done with 2 Creamers with 2 X-Y pairs of microphones: 2xAA414 (Advanced Audio) on Fazioli baby grand and 2xRøde NT5 on Steinway baby grand. Tube mode was set to triode and outputs were on “solid state” on all channels.
Milonga del Angel” performed by Tomislav Baynov (on Fazioli) and Svetlana Haensel (on Steinway), and “Libertango” performed by Victoria Francisco (on Steinway) and Dorothy Uytengsu (on Fazioli). Both compositions by Argentinian composer A. Piazolla:

Another hype bites the dust!

Here are 3 tracks by Vancouver’s punk band D.O.A., from their last album “We Come In Peace”. Creamers are on vocals, guitars, bass, drums. Creamer Plus was also inserted into the stereo buss at mixdown:

“Lost Souls”, “We Occupy”, and the Beatles’ cover “Revolution”

And here is a song by Sparrow with an acoustic guitar recorded through the Silkworm. Audio Technica ATM4042 and ATM4060 microphones. The vocals were done through the Creamer Plus in pentode mode, solid state output. The mic was Audio Technica ATM4060:


Creamer Plus preamps were used on Lady Antebellum‘s 2013 album “Golden“. Acoustic guitars, backup vocals, bass and drum overheads are all recorded through Creamers! The producer was Paul Worley and the engineer was Clarke Schleicher. Check out the ballad “Golden” and a bit snappier “Goodbye Town“:


Here are some tracks from Greg Drummond‘s debut CD, The Walking Man.

You can hear the Creamer on vocals, string instruments, percussion, bass, drum overheads.

Track “Stand” is all Creamer. Engineered by Claude Laforest at Maximus Sound, PoCo, BC.

Greg Drummond – Stand

Greg Drummond – Heaven or Hell

Greg Drummond – The Sweet Sound

Producer/Engineer Junshuo Hou, along with his partner Jiefu Wang, wrote and produced “Trip”, sung by Marc LaFrance. The vocals were recorded with a Neumann U87 through Creamer Plus using a Triode/SS setting, no EQ used. A Distressor was used for a bit of compression. Recorded, produced and mixed at Liquid Tension Music, mastered at Sonic Farm Mastering.

Marc LaFrance – Trip


The same production team released  “Love is more than a word”, written and performed by a young talented guitarist/singer Sean Zhang. Creamer is on vocals, guitars, strings and drum overheads.

Jason specifically asked for a warm mastering treatment without too much compression or coloring.

Sean Zhang – Love is more than a word


Schecter Elite 5 string Bass plugged direct into C+. Apogee converters.

2di4 will sound the same as C+ in SS mode, both Triode and Pentode.

“3”= triode, “5”= pentode tube mode. “SS”= solid state output.

“Fe” and “NiFe” are output transformer choices.

Schecter C+5SS







Producer/engineer Ben Huntus recorded the band “The River & The Road” at the Blue Wave studio. The song is called “Straw, Brick & Wood”.

Creamer Plus is on the 4 drum mics, and that is all he used on the kit. M-160’s on OH’s, SM57 on snare, Fet U47 on Kick. Please see the video: