2di4 Audio Samples

There’s a sample of a Music Man 5-string bass recorded direct through the 2DI4 about half way thhrough this 2 min. video:


Here’s Kerry Galloway playing bass through a 2DI4
on Gabriel Palatchi’s “Trivolution” CD:





The track is called “Dinamita”


Many people asked us how 2di4 compared to other common DI boxes.
Here is a direct comparison between A-Design Reddi and Sonic farm 2di4 in different settings, courtesy of Cameron Hood.
When applying bass or treble boost on the 2di4, he only added a dB or 2, not more.
A split Y-cable was used to drive both DI’s simultaneously with the same signal, so that the performance is identical for each pair of files.
Two separate tracks were recorded into Garage Band through a TC-Electronics interface.

These samples were recorded with a Michael Tobias active bass, bridge pickup, flat EQ:

2di4 in Triode, flat


2di4 Bass Boost1


2di4 Bass Boost 2


2di4 Treble Boost 1


2di4 Treble Boost 2


2di4 Pentode, flat


2di4 Pentode, Treble and Bass Boost


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