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This video was sent to us by our user Thomas Wilding, who played bass on this project and is using a Tantra preamp for all his bass sounds. Listen to that fat and punchy the bass and how it supports this excellent arrangement and a well balanced mix:

Here is a Creamer SE along with a Creamer Plus on a string quartet recording, courtesy of Ken Burke:

Our user Dave Pickell sent us this piano recording, 2 Advanced Audio 414 mics in omni mode, A-B setup, plugged into a Silk Road preamp.

A home recording, but the piano sounds big, beautiful and warm. There is no compression or EQ, so the dynamics is quite high. You may want to turn up your listening level up a bit:

Joe Chiccarelli recorded these acoustic guitar samples using our Xcalibur JC preamp.
The guitarist is David LeVita.

Acoustic guitar, steel strings, strummed, 2 x AKG 414 mics:

Acoustic guitar, steel strings, strummed, 2 x Neumann KM-84 mics:

Acoustic guitar, steel strings, pick, 2 x AKG 414 mics:

Acoustic guitar, nylon strings, fingerpicked, 2 x AKG 414 mics:

Acoustic guitar, nylon strings, fingerpicked, 2 x AKG 414 mics:

Acoustic guitar, steel strings, strummed, 2 x AKG 414 mics:

Here’s our Xcalibur preamp on guitars, trumpets and percussion. Tantra on fretless bass:

Serbian megastar Željko Joksimovic recorded his “Ponelo Me” single vocal using a Microtech Gefell large diaphragm condenser mic plugged into our Berliner pre. Creamer Plus, Berliner and 2 Silk Roads are on kick, snare, overheads on drums, 2DI4 on bass, Silk Road on acoustic guitars!

Željko Joksimovic’s “Milimetar” hit vocal was also recorded through our Berliner pre. You can even see his Creamer Plus and Berliner preamps in his studio rack several times during the video:

a Martin D16RGT acoustic guitar recorded through 2 Audio-Technica AT4051a pencil microphones into the Silk Road. The converter is an Apogee Symphony I/O:

Engineer Nick Autry recorded some big hits at Chuck Ainlay’s studio in Nashville. Here are a few. Creamer Plus was used on all electric guitars:

Carrie Underwood / “Heart Beat”

Chris Young / “I’m coming over” and “Think Of You”

Nick Autry also recorded the whole “Southernality” record by the band “A Thousand Horses”, using the Creamer Plus on vocals as well.
Here are the tracks “FirstTime” and “Drunk Deal”

Another brilliant record recorded through our Creamer Plus:
Plácido Domingo‘s “Songs” was recorded in New York “Avatar” and “After Hours” studios by Rafa Sardina. One of his 2 Creamers always goes with him to be used on all recording projects.

Argentinian duo Illya Kuryaki & The Valderramas‘s 2016 “L.H.O.N” album, recorded by Rafa Sardina using a Creamer Plus on just about everything. Here’s the track “Gallo Negro”:

Puerto Rican band Calle 13‘s “Multiviral” album. Recorded by Rafa Sardina using our Creamer Plus. Check out the title track “Multiviral”, featuring Julian Assange, Kamilya Jubran and Tom Morello, and a more sultry “Adentro”:

Spanish Pop superstar Alejandro Sanz‘s 2015 “Sirope” album earned him a Latin Grammy for the best Contemporary Pop Vocal. Produced by the artist himself along with Sebastian Krys. Mixed by Rafa Sardina using a Creamer Plus inserted into the stereo bus. This helped “glue” the mix, round the harsh edges and peaks, while subtly “lifting” the veil and widening the stereo image.
There’s a lot of color here, everything sounds lush and larger than life, and the vocal comes across warm and crisp at the same time. Check out the ballad “A Que No Me Dejas” and a reggae-ish snappy “Capitán Tapón”. Notice the drums on the latter: a lot of bite, but not harsh. The whole producers, engineers and musicians team did an amazing job!

Vancouver based singer-songwriter Blayne Chastain recorded this acoustic song using only his Creamer Plus:

Canadian singer/songwriter Michael Friedman recorded an album using exclusively Sonic Farm preamps.
Producer/Engineer was Kerry Galloway who also played bass.

Michael Auftritt Rostock

Here are 3 tracks from “Random Acts of Tuning“.
Acoustic guitars were recorded through a coincident pair of Gefell MK71 mics plugged into a Berliner, along with an Advanced Audio CM47 just to the right of the bridge of the guitar plugged into a Silk Road. Last but not least the guitar’s passive pickup fed a 2DI4.
And Michael’s vocals were recorded through a Silkroad. More details to follow:

Carry Me Down

New York City (Lead Vox: AA CM47 mic into Berliner. Ac. Guitars: 2 Gefell MK71’s into Silk Road)

The River

Recording Engineer Kris Siegers describes his recent recording session with rap artist Anami Vice using Sonic Farm gear.
Live drum kit, 5-string bass, vocal samples. (2min):

Here’s a video with guitarist Ed Henderson explaining how he recorded his Bourgeois acoustic guitar with a Creamer and a 2DI4. The actual sound samples can be heard at the very beginning and then again at 3:18, if you don’t have the time for the whole story:

We’re sure you’ve heard recording engineers say that tube preamps shouldn’t be used with classical instruments because “there’s no need to add harmonics to the already harmonically-rich sounds”.
If you are one of people that believe this to be true, please hear the following 2 recordings done with 2 Creamers with 2 X-Y pairs of microphones: 2xAA414 (Advanced Audio) on Fazioli baby grand and 2xRøde NT5 on Steinway baby grand. Tube mode was set to triode and outputs were on “solid state” on all channels.
Milonga del Angel” performed by Tomislav Baynov (on Fazioli) and Svetlana Haensel (on Steinway), and “Libertango” performed by Victoria Francisco (on Steinway) and Dorothy Uytengsu (on Fazioli). Both compositions by Argentinian composer A. Piazolla:

Another hype bites the dust!

Here are 3 tracks by Vancouver’s punk band D.O.A., from their last album “We Come In Peace”.


Creamers are on vocals, guitars, bass, drums. Creamer Plus was also inserted into the stereo buss at mixdown:

“Lost Souls”, “We Occupy”, and the Beatles’ cover “Revolution”

And here is a song by the singer/songwriter Sparrow Grace with an acoustic guitar recorded through the Silkworm.

Audio Technica ATM4042 and ATM4060 microphones were used. The vocals were done through the Creamer Plus in pentode mode, solid state output. The mic was Audio Technica ATM4060:

Creamer Plus preamps were used on Lady Antebellum‘s 2013 album “Golden“. Acoustic guitars, backup vocals, bass and drum overheads are all recorded through Creamers! The producer was Paul Worley and the engineer was Clarke Schleicher. Check out the ballad “Golden“, a bit snappier “Goodbye Town” and the opening track “Get To Me“:

Here are some tracks from Greg Drummond‘s debut CD, The Walking Man.
You can hear the Creamer on vocals, string instruments, percussion, bass, drum overheads.
Track “Stand” is all Creamer. Engineered by Claude Laforest at Maximus Sound, PoCo, BC.

The Sweet Sound


Heaven Or Hell


Lost At Sea

Producer/Engineer Junshuo Hou, along with his partner Jiefu Wang, wrote and produced “Trip”, sung by Marc LaFrance. The vocals were recorded with a Neumann U87 through Creamer Plus using a Triode/SS setting, no EQ used. A Distressor was used for a bit of compression. Recorded, produced and mixed at Liquid Tension Music, mastered at Sonic Farm Mastering.

Marc LaFrance – Trip

The same production team released  “Love is more than a word”, written and performed by a young talented guitarist/singer Sean Zhang. Creamer is on vocals, guitars, strings and drum overheads.

Jason specifically asked for a warm mastering treatment without too much compression or coloring.

Sean Zhang – Love is more than a word

Schecter Elite 5 string Bass plugged direct into C+. Apogee converters.

2di4 will sound the same as C+ in SS mode, both Triode and Pentode.

“3”= triode, “5”= pentode tube mode. “SS”= solid state output.

“Fe” and “NiFe” are output transformer choices.

Schecter C+5SS






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