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Resolution Magazine review of Creamer Plus!

A Creamer Plus review has just been published in the October issue of Resolution, Europe’s most respected pro audio magazine. Reviewer Jon Thorton is based at the The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, a pro audio education facility founded by Paul McCartney. Although this is quite a hasty review, Jon obviously likes the unit very […]

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Spirit Of The Rhythm, Fazioli, Steinway and Creamers!

International Eclectic Ensemble “Spirit Of The Rhythm” consists of acclaimed classical keyboardists who added a modern touch to their music and mixed together instruments such as acoustic pianos and synthesizers to paint exciting new musical landscapes. Keyboardists Tomislav Baynov, Svetlana Haensel, Victoria Francisco, Dorothy Uytengsu, Rosa Hong, and composer Berndt Haensel travel the world playing […]

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Go D.O.A., go! (and bring along a Creamliner on your Europe tour!)

The famous coin-phrase, “I have come to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable” couldn’t more appropriately describe the philosophy, activism and music career of Joe Keithley and his iconic punk band D.O.A. (for our non english-speaking subscribers, D.O.A. is an abbreviation used by ambulance and police employees that means “Dead On Arrival”). Punk music […]

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Silkworm chosen over API 312 at the Blue Wave!

While reading Ken Burke‘s Gearslutz.com posts, one would think that he just praises everything that comes out of Sonic Farm without much questioning. But in fact, nothing could be further away from truth. He will hold to the fire everything you bring him to test. Last weekend, there was a jazz project recording going on […]

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