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Audio Media International test drives our Creamliner II !

    Audio Media International asked Simon Allen, a senior engineer at renown London’s Resident Studios, to test our Creamliner II both at a live gig and during a mastering session in his studio. Here are some of his final remarks: On the larger system, which was being driven by an older digital console, I […]

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SOS magazine reviews our Silk Road preamp!

After having reviewed 3 of our preamps, the UK based Sound On Sound magazine’s editors have come to expect a high quality product of anything that arrives from us. And the reviewer Hugh Robjons was not disappointed. Here’s one of his final observations: I enjoyed using the Silk Road very much indeed. In fact, of […]

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Tantra and Xcalibur create quite a buzz at the Summer NAMM!

Bass players were swarming around our booth at the Nashville NAMM! Everybody wanted to get the “hang” of the much anticipated unit’s debut appearance. Premier Guitar magazine has us at the top of the show’s 1st day Editor’s Picks! Check it out here. And here are Sound Of Sound video presentations on both Tantra and […]

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Announcing Xcalibur Saturation Preamp!

Many folks have been asking for a preamp that can push their music production “over the edge”. Well, here it is! This dual pentode preamp has 2 tubes per channel, one for clean gain and the other for overdrive. You can go from pristine clean to even harmonic drenched sound thanks to the dual stage […]

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