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Hugh Robjohns reviews Xcalibur JC in the 11/19 SOS issue!

    This detailed review totally does our Xcalibur JC justice! We couldn’t possibly ask for more praises than what SOS veteran reviewer Hugh Robjohns gave us in this very detailed test article. He ran just about any possible studio signal through the JC, vocals, guitars, basses, synths, drums, loops, subgroups and the whole mix! […]

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Creamliner on Toto’s European tour!

Boris met FOH engineer Ken Freeman in Vancouver. He suggested him to try our Creamliner 3 at one of his shows. Ken was open, and as a result he took the unit to the Toto European tour. Here is what he found out: I was lucky enough to use a Creamliner III for my last […]

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Mix Magazine reviews our Xcalibur JC! Read the July 2019 issue!

Or just click on the image or follow the link below. The reviewer Barry Rudolph puts our unit through its paces on vocals, guitars, bass and drums. At the end, he is genuinely impressed: It is amazing that all possible analog colors from saturated tubes, FET transistors and transformers are combined and infinitely adjustable in […]

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