professional audio recording services

We build gear for the demanding audio professionals…

At Sonic farm, our goal is not to re-create famous units from the past, but to take the vintage sound to the next level by applying modern design techniques. Being musicians, producers and engineers ourselves, we don’t stop our research and experiments until we are blown away by the result. We are our own strictest judges.

We truly believe in high end professional audio equipment that produces a superior sound quality and is built to last. After all, it could make the difference between a thank-you-note and a Grammy!

professional audio recording services

When you choose pro-audio equipment from Sonic Farm, you can rest assured that you are getting top of the line products without the high price tag. The sound quality, versatility, reliability, solidity of construction, and innovative design of the units that we offer make us the premier destination for music professionals who just do not have money to waste on cheap gear. We cater to engineers, producers, mixers and recording artists with golden ears, who want the very best without breaking the bank.

Our professional audio equipment offerings include: Pentode Tube Preamp, Solid-state microphone preamp, Pentode Tube direct box/DI, as well as line tube pentode preamps/signal conditioners meant for use with professional PA systems. These products are designed to excel in all possible recording situations. For producers, mastering engineers and musicians who can afford only one preamp in the studio, our gear is the ideal solution, yielding a superior performance in all applications.

The recent PAR magazine 2012 excellence nomination, as well as a variety of other great magazine reviews, speaks volumes about the exceptional products and their best value for the music industry.

Please put our gear to a demanding test in your studio. You will not be disappointed!

professional audio recording services