Announcing the new Tantra bass preamp!

Our new bass preamp, designed in collaboration with MAS (Michael Arnopol Soundworks), will be available both as a preamp and as an integrated amp, containing a 1000W ICE power module. The preamp version will be sold by us, and the integrated version will be available through MAS. We can also build in user supplied ICE power modules.

The topology is hybrid, like many of our products. Two pentodes at the front end take care of the clean gain and overdrive. After that, the signal undergoes a variety of solid-state based processing, such as a high pass filter, 5-band EQ, compressor, and a 2-part harmonic generator section. Details soon.

The preamp will debut at this Summer’s NAMM show in Nashville. Below is a sneak peak image of the 1st assembled unit:


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