Bass Musician Magazine 2DI4 review is out!

BassMusicianMagazineOne of the leading online bass magazines, Bass Musician Magazine, just published a review of our 2DI4  pentode direct box.

The article is all praises, and even though we’re used to getting great 2DI4 reviews, this one comes from a team of seasoned bass experts. The magazine’s philosophy is to focus on the unit’s performance in both studio and live environments and completely shun lab tests and measurements. Great idea as far as we’re concerned!
Here are some of reviewer Jake Wolf’s remarks:

Comparing the 2di4 to plugging straight in to my Puma 900, the Sonic Farm adds a level of richness, detail and articulation that reminds me of how a bass sounds after its been tracked and mastered: refined, balanced, full and taut, you get the picture…Recording direct into Protools HD, I was floored by how large and in charge the 2di4 sounded, especially in pentode mode. Without a trace of brashness or harshness, it was effortlessly present, warm and articulate. The engineer I worked with was quick to say that this was the best my bass has ever tracked (and this is in comparison to vintage API, Neve, and Universal Audio channels, not to mention some major bass preamp/DI contenders that I’ve hauled over there in the last few years).

So, we’re very honored to have received such a lofty review, and, without further ado, here’s the article.
Or read it along with the readers’ comments on BMM’s website.

Thank you, Jake Wolf and Bass Musician Magazine!

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