Berliner and Beamer: new tube preamps now shipping!

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We are thrilled to announce that our 2 new preamps, Berliner and Beamer are now shipping!  We have loaned a few of them to local recording studios and everybody loves them!

Berliner is our take on the venerable Telefunken V76. Of course, we had to do a few improvements and add features, so that we stay true to our “No Cloning” philosophy. You can say that Berliner is a V76 on steroids, or, better yet, on raw vegan food!

Of course, it sounds different than the Creamer, and it was not meant to be it’s replacement by any means. Berliner is for classic nuts, those folks that would otherwise pay big bucks for vintage gear. Now they can get a 2-channel Berliner for about a half price of a racked single vintage V76. They get the same stunning detail and sweetness times two, and in addition more features, like instrument and line inputs, preset EQ and a switchable output mode.

For those who love the Creamer’s abundant harmonic content and would want to add to that some classical tube sweetness, Beamer could just be the ticket. It has one Berliner’s and one Creamer’s channel. Maximum versatility in a single package!

We hope you get to test these 2 new preamps in your studio!


Zoran and Boris from Sonic Farm

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