Creamer pentode preamp: the new go-to for Jason and Jeff!

Jason Hou and Jeff Wang are talented young producers/engineers/studio owners that future holds so much for.
They have gone through a painstaking process of carefully selecting every component of their studio. And those of us who are or have run a studio at some point in our lives know it takes all you have and more, both energetically and financially.
But they could never get their vintage Neumann U87 to sound quite right. “It was always a battle to get it not to sound harsh”, Jason says, “no matter which preamp we tried. Even with high end units such as Rupert Neve Designs Portico and Focusrite ISA!”
I met Jason through my mastering work, and as soon as I learned they were running a studio, I suggested he called Boris and arranged for a Creamer test. Jason was curious about the mystery preamp, and a few days later, a Creamer Plus landed in their studio in Richmond. It didn’t take Jason and Jeff long to fall in love with Creamer’s sound.
“We immediately noticed the big, open, transparent, yet smooth character of the Creamer. It handled the U87’s top end effortlessly. Needless to say, we decided to keep it, even against our New Year’s resolution not to get any more equipment this year! Now it’s our go-to preamp for everything we record. Thank you, Sonic Farm!”
And thank you, Jason and Jeff of Liquid Tension Music…please remember us when you take your deserved place amongst the most sought after Canadian producers!

Please listen to “Trip” and “Love is more than a word” on our Audio Samples page.

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