PAR Magazine to review the Silkworm!

Russ Long with Sonic Farm Creamliner

PAR magazine is in the process of reviewing the Silkworm.
Russ Long is a very busy guy in the studio, and he’s currently mixing a project at his Nashville facility.
When we sent him the review unit a couple of weeks ago, we were prepared for a long wait. If you’ve ever mixed a record, you know that once you put the mixer’s hat on, it breaks the flow if you have to do other stuff at the same time.

But the “studio salty dog” couldn’t wait. Too much of a temptation. We love what we do, right?
So he fired it up just to satisfy his curiosity. The next day, he sent us an email:

I gave it a quick listen on Monday and it sounds killer! I can’t wait to put it to work.

Now we can sit back and let Russ finish his mix. After all, the Silkworm is in good hands!
We’ll keep you up to date with news.

(The picture above is one of Russ with the Creamliner. We didn’t want to bug him too much for yet another photo…)

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