Resolution Magazine review of Creamer Plus!


A Creamer Plus review has just been published in the October issue of Resolution, Europe’s most respected pro audio magazine.
Reviewer Jon Thorton is based at the The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, a pro audio education facility founded by Paul McCartney.

Although this is quite a hasty review, Jon obviously likes the unit very much, although his busy schedule didn’t allow him to put it through it’s paces in all recording situations.
(The scheduled December Mix magazine review is expected to be more detailed)

Here is the quote of Jon Thorton’s conclusion on the Creamer Plus:

In fact, none of the individual options available to tweak the overall sound are extreme — in isolation they mostly result in very subtle tonal changes. The power here is in putting them together in different ways.

And in essence, that’s what makes the Creamer so likeable despite its eccentricities. What Sonic Farm has produced isn’t just another microphone preamp. Instead, it’s like a constructor set for creating your own, personal chunk of gain to match any situation.

Please read the whole review here.

Thank you, Resolution, and Thank you, Jon!

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