Steven Drake relies on two Creamers and a Je-DI!

Seasoned studio veteran Steve Drake is in the middle of an album project with singer and composer Che Dorval.  She also plays guitars on all songs.  The studio of choice is Stone Canyon Studios in Vancouver. Steve is arranging and engineering all songs, and in addition playing bass. Early next month they are expecting to join forces with none other but the famed 60’s Rolling Stones producer Andrew Loog Oldham. Naturally,  Steve wanted the best possible sound so he turned to Boris for help, and now two Creamers and a Je-DI are happily nested next to other outboard units.

Says Steve: “We are using Creamers on the most critical tracks. For the drum recording session, one Creamer was used on the Overheads, while the other was covering the main Snare and Kick microphones. Bass was recorded directly through Je-DI.  After that, we have been using the Creamers on pretty much everything needed: guitar, voices, etc. Everything recorded through them sounds rich, present and punchy. Great coloration and clarity at the same time! We will definitely run the mix through the Creamer to get that analog vibe!”

Great, we can’t wait to meet Mr. Oldham when he gets here!

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