Xcalibur JC takes a tour across the pond!

When Joe Chiccarelli called up his friend Greg Wells (by the way both those engineers-producers are multiple Grammy winners) and told him about the amazing new secret studio weapon of his, we didn’t suspect the latter would become a fervent Xcalibur JC supporter.

We spoke with Greg, and knowing Joe had golden ears, he told us he was curious as to what kind of a new device fired Joe up so much and that he’d be very much into trying it out.

So we sent him a unit and he started tweaking it in his LA studio. Being a multi-instrumentalist, Greg didn’t really know where to start, so he quickly patched the unit into a sampled drum kit he had up for one of his projects. We suggested him to study the manual first, but being an adventurer he dove right into the knobs and switches. After about half an hour of playing with the unit, he was so amazed that he quickly put together 2 short videos and posted them on the Instagram. Later he sent them to us and we joined them into a singe one:

This was just before Greg had to leave for France to be one of the facilitators at the “Mix with the Masters” workshop at the La Fabrique studio, along with other music production heavyweights, like Al Schmidt, Eddie Kramer, Tony Maserati, Andrew Scheps, Sylvia Massy, etc. So he wanted to take the unit there to show it to the students and his colleagues. We said, ‘sure, why not”, and now our unit is at that exquisite pro audio workshop for all the students and instructors to check out!

We’ll keep you posted on the what happens with our JC unit in France but in the meantime Greg wants another one so we’re excited that our Xcalibur is creating all that buzz!

Thanks, Greg, and thanks, La Fabrique!

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