Bass Musician Magazine 2500W Tantra review (February 2020)

A review of our 2500W version of Tantra by Jake Wolf, a touring and recording bassist and one of the Bass Musician Magazine contributors. Here are the highlights of the review:
“With its studio-quality tube preamp/DI, exceptional EQ section, onboard compression, variable overdrive, harmonic generators and (prepare for understatement) massively powerful 2500w Class D amplifier module, the Tantra is a bass amp for those who demand precisely zero compromises! ”

To read the full article, click on the image on the left or go to the Bass Musician Magazine website.

Sound on Sound Magazine Xcalibur JC review (November 2019)

An Xcalibur JC SOS review by the Veteran SOS reviewer Hugh Robjohns.
He ran just about everything through the JC: vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, bass, drums, synthesizers, loops, subgroups and the whole stereo bus! His verdict:
” Whether used on an individual instrument, a stereo stem or a full mix, the Xcalibur always sprinkles ‘fairy dust’ on everything passing through it. Those who have read many of my SOS reviews will know that I’m not always the biggest fan of distortion processors, but I grew to really love what this high-quality and versatile box can do! ”

The full article can be found here or you can pick up the 11/2019 SOS issue.

Mix Magazine Xcalibur JC review (July 2019)

An Xcalibur JC Mix review by a long time Mix reviewer Barry Rudolph.
He put the JC through its paces on vocals, acoustic and electric guitars,
bass and drums! Here’s his final word:
” It is amazing that all possible analog colors from saturated tubes, FET
transistors and transformers are combined and infinitely adjustable in a
single unit! The Xcalibur JC is a “one-stop,” magical studio overdrive
processor and a must-have for me.
So far it has proved useful in some way on every session.”

The detailed article can be found here or you can pick up the 07/2019 MIX issue; the review is on page 42.

Sound On Sound Magazine Tantra review (October 2017)

Sound_On_SoundThe first ever published review of Tantra, tested by British studio and gigging bassist Phil Ward.
Here’s a part of his final verdict:
” The Tantra is the kind of product for which it’s almost impossible to write a conclusion. It offers so many possibilities that even though I used it in the house and in rehearsal studios for a good few weeks, I never really felt that I had discovered everything it had to offer, or fully understood all of its subtleties; it could do so many sounds. There’s much to love, and I really don’t think there’s anything else like it.”

Please read the full article here or pick up the 10/2017 SOS issue.

Prosound News Magazine Berliner review (March 2017)

Sound_On_SoundProsound’s Russ Long tests our Berliner preamp at his Nashville studio.
He concludes:
” The beautiful-sounding Berliner can range from smooth and warm to aggressive and bold with the flip of a switch or turn of a knob, making it an outstanding choice of any producer, engineer or studio in need of expanding its mic preamp collection.”

Please read the full article here or in Prosound’s March 2017 issue.

Recording Magazine Beamer review (January 2017)

Sound_On_SoundRecording Magazine’s Paul Vnuk takes our Beamer preamp through it’s paces at his Wisconsin studio.
Here is his conslusion:
” I keep asking myself which channel is my favorite, and it keeps changing, I like the laid-back vintage tone of the Berliner just as much as the variable forward nature of the Creamer Plus.
Fortunately, if you’re OK with only one channel of each tone, then the Beamer gives you the best of both worlds in one elegant package”

Please read the full article here or in Recording Magazine’s January 2017 issue.

Audio Media International Creamliner II review (September 2016)

Sound_On_SoundAudio Media International’s Simon Allen test drives our Creamliner II line signal conditioner.
Here is his conslusion:
“This is a brilliant tool for adding vibe and depth to your mixes, complementing the typical workflows of today!”
Please read the full article here or in AMI’s September 2016 issue.

Sound On Sound Silk Road review (July 2016)

Sound_On_SoundSound On Sound’s Hugh Robjons takes a close look at our Silk Road solid state desktop format preamp.
Here’s one of his final remarks:
“Surprisingly, I can’t think of many dual-channel solid-state preamps with instrument inputs in a desktop-format, let alone any with discrete transistor gain stages or the tonal versatility of the Silk Road!”
Please read the full article here or in SOS’s July 2016 issue.

Sound On Sound Berliner review (May 2016)

Sound_On_SoundDo we all love Sound On Sound? Absolutely! Do they love our gear? Ditto!
Here’s Hugh Robjons: “This is Sonic Farm’s most impressive product yet!” – Another stellar Berliner review that needs no further comments. Please read it here or in SOS’s May 2016 issue.

Mix Magazine Silkworm review (March 2016)

Rec_Mag_201307Here’s the latest Silkworm review by Mix Magazine’s Technical Editor, Kevin Becka.
He loved our little Silkworm, and ended the review with the following remark:
“How they got all this into a 500 Series unit, that sounds good as well, is unbelievable. What you can believe is that you’ll love this unit on many varied types of inputs for years to come! ”

Click on the image on the left to read the review, or click here for the direct magazine link.

Mix Magazine Berliner review (August 2015)

Rec_Mag_201307An unhurried and detailed review of our latest tube preamp.
Michael Cooper gives our Berliner the highest possible praises!
He Concludes:
“The bottom line? Whether processing mic, line or instrument signals, Berliner sounds absolutely phenomenal!”
Read the review by clicking on the image on the left, or click here for the direct magazine link.

Bass Musician Magazine 2DI4 review (July 2015)

Rec_Mag_201307Here are some of reviewer Jake Wolf’s remarks:  
“Comparing the 2di4 to plugging straight in to my Puma 900, the Sonic Farm adds a level of richness, detail and articulation that reminds me of how a bass sounds after its been tracked and mastered: refined, balanced, full and taut, you get the picture…Recording direct into Protools HD, I was floored by how large and in charge the 2di4 sounded, especially in pentode mode. Without a trace of brashness or harshness, it was effortlessly present, warm and articulate.”
Read full review by clicking on the image on the left, or click here for the direct magazine link.

Bass Player Magazine 2DI4 review (March 2015)

Rec_Mag_201307Elton Bradman’s 2DI4 pentode direct box review. He concludes:
“The 2DI4 strikes a balance between sophistication and simplicity. The tone-sculpting options are few but well chosen, and the 2DI4 preamp in pentode mode roars like a lion. If you’re in the market for a portable, muscularly trans-parent hybrid tube-pre/DI with limited but supremely musical options, you’ve probably already heard about the 2DI4. Go try it! “
Read full review here.

Sound On Sound Magazine Silkworm review (October 2014)

Rec_Mag_201307Bob Thomas’s Silkworm series 500 preamp review. He concludes:
“In short, if you’re in the market for a preamp of this quality, you really ought to audition a Silkworm. I think that you’ll be seriously impressed. ” And on top of it, he bought the test unit!
Read full review here.

Recording Magazine Silkworm review (September 2014)

Rec_Mag_201307Paul Vnuk Jr’s Silkworm series 500 preamp review. He concludes:
“It evokes a classic preamp sound with(out) being too heavy-handed, and its wonderful sonic alterations take it over the top.”
Right on, Paul!
Read full review here.

Professional Sound Creamer Plus review (June 2014)

The first ever Creamer Plus review by a Canadian magazine.

You know they say, “A prophet is honored everywhere except in his own hometown…” Well luckily this wasn’t the case here. The reviewer Kevin Dietz loved the C+!
Read the whole article here or in this edition of Professional Sound, page 23.

Bass Gear Magazine 2DI4 review (April 2014)

The Bass Gear Magazine dedicated 10 pages (!) to the 2DI4 review. It’s most detailed review yet.
Reviewer concludes:
“Do you truly need a DI with all of these bells and whistles? Maybe not. But if you are looking for the ultimate DI, I would start, and likely end, my search right here.”
Read the whole article here or in this edition of Bass Gear.

Pro Audio Review magazine Silkworm review (January 2014)


When the reviewer buys the test unit, the credibility of the review needs no questioning.
“I’d kill for a dozen channels to use on an entire drum kit !”
Read the review here.


Mix Magazine Creamer Plus review (December 2013)


We’re thrilled to have Mix Magazine review the Creamer Plus. Michael Cooper was genuinely blown away by the sound like most of our users. Read the review in full here.



Resolution Magazine Creamer Plus review (October 2013)

Resolution_C+Another great Creamer Plus review by a leading European pro audio magazine. Reviewed by Jon Thornton of The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts.
Read it here.

Recording Magazine 2DI4 review (July 2013)

Rec_Mag_201307Paul Vnuk Jr’s 2DI4 pentode direct box review.
All thumbs up and some comparison to other units.
A must read for bass players!
Read full review here.

PAR’s Creamliner review just published! (June 2013)

PAR_201306 Here is the first ever review of the Creamliner by a major industry magazine. We are very excited, and, if your job is to make records or PA’s sound good, you should be, too!

Read the full review here or click on the image on left to read it in PAR’s digital edition!

Sound On Sound May 2013 Creamer Plus review is out! (May 2013)

Sound_On_SoundHere is the Sound On Sound’s Hugh Robjons’s Creamer Plus review, published in May 2013. Another stellar Creamer review that needs no further comments. Please read it here or by following this SOS’s online archive link.

Pro Audio Review magazine Creamer Plus test published! (May 2012)

We are thrilled with the review results! Written by Nashville producer/engineer  and senior PAR contributor Russ Long. Please read the review here or go to PAR’s May 2012 issue here.

Tape Op Magazine Creamer review now out! (December 2010)

Read this detailed review written by Kirt Shearer in the 11-12/2010 edition of Tape Op mag after using the Creamer for a month.

See ithere or read it at Tape Op website

Legendary Producer, Mixer and Engineer Jay Baumgardner of L.A.’s NRG Recording Studios

The lead vocal you are about to hear was actually recorded through the Creamer using a Shure SM7 microphone. Hence the warm, rounded top end. Audio file courtesy of Jay Baumgardner and “Cruz” from Brazil. Finally it’s worth mentioning that Jay Baumgardner bought one of our prototype Creamers before we had a chance to snatch it away. Hurray!

Renowned musician, vocal coach and producer James Lugo of Hemispheres Recording


The Creamer Preamplifier Shootout Thursday, 03 June 2010 00:00

It’s been a long time coming, but we finally managed to get our act together and podcast this treat for all the audio nerds out there. It’s our first ever gear shootout at the studio, and we’re quite pleased with the results. Why a preamplifier shootout? Well, we love preamps, we love Boris Drazic and we love The Creamer. The Creamer was amazing upon first listen so we had to stack it up against some of our existing beloved preamps. So, while Santana tests it out in L.A., FaderMaster Studios is testing it out in Vancouver. We tested serial #000, the very first Creamer. With labcoats on, and our precious ears lubed up, we began the tests one evening in late May 2010 at the studio. We hope you find the results useful, especially if you are in the market for a new preamp!

Preamplifiers Used

Chandler Limited EMI TG-2 Sonic Farm The Creamer Class A Pentode Preamplifier Sytek MPX4A Universal Audio UA-610B (From a UA-6176 unlinked from the 1176)

Microphones Used

Beyerdynamic M160 AKG D112 Shure SM57 Shure SM7B Dominique Fricot was kind enough to be our guinea pig for the tests, and we thank him very much for playing the same thing over and over. Here’s the MP3 of what came out with The Creamer, a lead vocal and acoustic guitar mix that we think sounds great. The M160 is on the acoustic and an SM7B on the vocal. Click here to download the audio filesThe Creamer Preamplifier Shootout

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