About Us

It All Started with a Band

Zoran Todorovic and Boris Drazic met back in 1966 when they formed a band and started playing live gigs on the Adriatic coast in former Yugoslavia.

Music has been fueling their interests ever since. The pursuit of a perfect guitar tone made Zoran enroll in Electrical Engineering studies, while Boris did the same dreaming of having his own recording studio.

They graduated in late 70’s and got steady jobs, but couldn’t rest before they put together their first 8 track studio in ’81.

Their engineering and production work grew until the civil war drove them out of their homeland.

Boris spent 4 years in Germany working on recording and live music projects and then moved to Canada, while Zoran ended up in Los Angeles, where he ran a recording studio for about 15 years.

The desire to be blasted by a loud guitar amp at 3 AM ultimately gave way to a subtler pursuit of the perfect sound, and the 2 friends reunited in Vancouver, BC in 2009. The Sonic Farm Pro Audio was born.

No Cloning

All original designs

Highest Grade

Quality components

Best Value

Sonic mojo for your $

Trusted by Pros

For remarkable tone

Design Philosophy



We don’t clone vintage gear because that was the cutting edge technology back then. Do you really believe that we haven’t learned anything new in 50 years? And add to that the loads of new components that have become available since then…

The recording media has become mathematically accurate, unlike the analog tape that inherently sounded big and lush. Hence the current  music recordings really benefit from all the sound character given to it BEFORE it’s printed.



We go beyond the common hypes that plague the pro audio community and combine all active components, tubes, transistors, JFETS and even IC’s as long as we achieve the world class sound. Our many years doing this has taught us how and when.

We are the premier destination for music professionals who just do not have money to waste on compromising gear;  the engineers, producers, mixers and recording artists with golden ears, who want the very best without breaking the bank.



Because we sell direct, with no middle men, our products come to you, our users, at a great bang-for-the-buck ratio. And our 2-week return policy keeps you safe from buying stuff that doesn’t work for you.

For producers, mastering engineers and musicians who can afford only one preamp in the studio, our gear is the ideal solution, yielding a superior performance in all applications. Even more so when you take into account all the sonic options each of our units has compared to the usual suspects.

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