Zoran Todorovic and Boris Drazic met back in 1966 when they formed a band and started playing live gigs on the Adriatic coast in former Yugoslavia.

Music has been fueling their interests ever since. The pursuit of a perfect guitar tone made Zoran enroll in Electrical Engineering studies, while Boris did the same dreaming of having his own recording studio.

They graduated in late 70’s and got steady jobs, but couldn’t rest before they put together their first 8 track studio in ’81.

In ’84, they designed and built their own 24 track recording console. 10 years later people were still commenting on recordings from those days: “What was that mix done on? Neve or API?”

Their engineering and production work grew until the civil war drove them out of their homeland.

Boris spent 4 years in Germany working on recording and live music projects and then moved to Canada, while Zoran ended up in Los Angeles, where he ran a recording studio for about 15 years.

The desire to be blasted by a loud guitar amp at 3 AM ultimately gave way to a subtler pursuit of the perfect sound, and the 2 friends reunited in Vancouver, BC in 2009. The Sonic Farm Pro Audio was born.

The main concept behind Sonic Farm is to come up with Pro Audio equipment that the world market is NOT saturated with. Those who want the Neve sound have a lot of choices between the originals and the many clones. Same with API or any other famous studio equipment maker. Those companies pushed the envelope back in the day but are challenged not to rest on old laurels now.

Any piece of audio gear that measures perfect by mathematical standards is bound to yield a boring sound producers and engineers would not care much for. So the philosophy of the Sonic Farm design may be described to do whatever helps get the right tone, without giving in to any hype:  tubes when they deliver, transistors when they cut it, Op Amps or other IC’s when they do not compromise the tone. Nothing leaves the electronic workbench unless the results are subjectively remarkable.

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