Tantra Bass Pentode Tube Preamplifier

Our new bass preamp is available both as a preamp and as an integrated amp, containing a high efficiency Class D Pascal Audio power module. 

We have spared no effort and cut no corners to design the absolute cutting edge bass preamp!

The topology is hybrid, like many of our products. Two pentodes at the front end take care of the clean gain and overdrive. After that, the signal undergoes a variety of solid-state based processing, such as a high pass filter, 5-band EQ, compressor, and a 2-part harmonic generator section.

Each section can be bypassed and there is also a switchable FX-loop, which can be either balanced or unbalanced, in order to be useable with studio type rack processors or floor pedals.

2018 Sound On Sound Best New
Guitar Technology Product Award

If you want to use your Tantra on stage in addition to the studio, you can choose between 2 power modules: the 1000W S-PRO2 or the 2500W L-PRO2S. These Class D amp modules have an amazing thrust, transparency and transient tightness. Regarding the new Pascal L-PRO2S module, we often get the question: “But who needs 2500W?”. Well, the answer is that it works more effortlessly at lower powers and exhibits even tighter specs. The transients are lightening fast, and there’s an even greater headroom! You just need to be careful not to drive your speakers beyond the maximum power they can handle.

The amp has already received Bass Gear Magazine’s “Best of the Show Award” in its category at the 2016 Summer NAMM show in Nashville, and won Sound On Sound’s 2018 Award in the Guitar Technology category!

And we have recently added some minor improvements to the preamp circuit, addressing mainly the clipping behaviour and the colour of the overdrive circuit, which, when engaged, now unmistakably behaves like a classical overdriven tube bass amp.

Tantra Pentode Bass Preamp CAD $2915.00

Tantra Rack Ears
CAD $35.00

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Technical Specifications

Design concept: (tube) pentode front end with solid state processing section
1 channel with 2 tube modes: triode and pentode
Sections: Overdrive, HP filter, 5-band EQ, Compressor, 2 band harmonic generator.
Bass instrument input: 1/4” unbalanced, mono
Input impedance: 2.2MOhm
Frequency response: 10Hz-20kHz +/- 3dB
Maximum gain: 54dB at the line output, 32dB at the DI (mic level) output
Harmonic distortion: up to 2% before clipping level, quickly decreases if driven less.
Maximum output level: 30dBu
Minimum output load (preamp): 600Ohm
Minimum output load (power amp): 4Ohm
Rear panel XLR connectors: Preamp out, DI out, Pwr amp in, all balanced only
Rear panel 1/4” connectors: FX loop (2xTRS, see manual), tuner out, foot switch (TS)
Power consumption: 15W preamp, 1100W pwr amp.
All supply voltages regulated.
285V Plate voltage for huge headroom
Operating voltage: 110-120VAC or 220-240VAC, switchable
Gold plated printed circuit boards with a double copper layer.
Gold plated tube sockets

Power Amp module (optional):
Pascal S-Pro2: 1000W into 4 Ohms
Pascal L-PRO2S: 2500W into 4 Ohms, 1500W into 8 Ohms

We give a one year warranty on parts and labor.

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