Silkworm Series 500 Preamplifier


If you are looking for a superior performance solid state preamp in series 500 format that covers all applications in a professional recording studio, look no further. This is your ticket.

Silkworm’s tone, versatility and reliability make it one of the finest this series has to offer. Mic input has a 3-position character (or vibe) switch, and output has a split personality, solid state or transformer driven. Depending on the setting, the sound can be anything between modern and vintage. Clean or somewhat colored.

Great sounding instrument input for direct recording of bass, guitars or keys. Gain is divided into 3 stages, and can be fine-trimmed within each stage. Of course all the standard features like pad, phase reversal and phantom voltage switches are also included.

Download Silkworm Manual (PDF)

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Short Technical Specs:

Fully discrete gain stage
Full DC path, no coupling capacitors
Servo control for minimal DC offset
Maximum gain 66dB (mic) and 42dB (instrument)
Maximum output level: 28.7dBu
Cinemag input mic transformer
Cinemag 100% Fe output transformer
Switchable transformer or solid state balanced output
3-way character (vibe) switch
Gain regulation twofold: 3-pos range switch and trim control
Mic input impedance: variable (see manual)
Instrument input impedance: 2.2MOhm

Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 24 × 20.5 × 11 cm


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