Music Production

Some Examples:

(Legend: W=wrote,  P=produced, I=instruments played, E= engineered (recorded/mixed), M=mastered)

Rock-Shyon Henry: Sinless Girl                      WPIEM

Eclectic Pop-Nat H.: Love is my alibi                   WPIEM

Spiritual-Wendy DeMos: This Life                             IEM

Spiritual-Sparrow: Open Wide                                 PIEM

Beatle-Style Pop-Jet: I Belong 2U                       WPIEM

Rock-Emily C: Crash n Burn                                    PIEM

Alternative/Ballad-Jet: Randy                              WPIEM

Rock-Emily C: Pearl                                              WPIEM

RnB-Robbie C: Funkify                                              IM

Alternative/Punk-Jet: So Cool                             WPIEM

Blues-CC White: Sympathy                                     PIEM

Latin-Maria Conchita: Y Como Continuar              PIEM

Pop Rock: Julie G: Mona Lisa                               WPIEM

Alternative Pop-Jet: Sky is Waiting                     WPIEM

Soft Jazz-Jojo Alves: Vida Solo                                  EM

Rap-Robbie C: 911 Rap                                          PIEM

Latin/Ballad-Maria Conchita: Llename De Ti        PIEM

Jazz-Jojo Alves: “Rapa Samba                                     EM

Zoran Todorovic is a well-seasoned sonic farmer who has been plowing the fields of the music recording industry for over 20 years. His career has taken him from Europe to Canada to Los Angeles, and he has worked with a wide variety of artists and music styles. From Pop, Rock, Blues, Jazz, Country, New Age, World, Hip-hop to Rap and Film music, Zoran enjoys and thrives on working with music of all genres. He has worked on projects involving artists such as: Seal, Randy Meisner (Eagles), Billy Swan, Maria Conchita Alonso, jazz artist George Duke, Gerald Albright, Paulinho Da Costa, Rafael Padilla (Gloria Estefan, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears), and Arno Lucas (Al Jareau, Don Henley). He has had one record in the top 40 charts (Agartha/Rain of Mercy) and also worked on soundtracks for several films, including “This Girl’s Life” featuring James Woods.Classically trained on the violin for six years, Zoran discovered the guitar in his early teens and was soon touring Europe with rock bands (The New Men and 27th Dimension). His passion for performance was soon followed by an even greater enthusiasm and interest in recording. In 1981, he built his first 8 track analog studio, and then in 1984 he designed his own 24 track recording board. Drawing from both the analog and the digital worlds, as well as from his artistic and technical backgrounds, Zoran evolved into a top-class producer, engineer, mixer, guitarist and composer. Sonic Farm Productions has been established as a vehicle for Zoran to provide a creative oasis for both seasoned artists and newly discovered talent.

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