Creamliner III


Creamliner III is is a stereo line signal conditioner, aimed at improving the sound of digital stereo busses and digital PA boards.
Sure, you can use a plugin to address the issue of “digitalitis”, but Creamliner stands out above all of those because it delivers!
No gunked-up low-mids, darkened highs or nasally/harsh high-mids. You get a subtle but game-changing glue effect that just makes your mix sound more organic.

Creamliner III adds a 6dB attenuation switch, enabling one to drive the tubes less, while automatically raising the output so that there is no change in loudness. Pots have replaced version II’s trimpots for easier real time adjustment. Two tactile switches control the output mode on either channel. Tube modes have separate switches, so that channels can be run in different tube modes, which can be useful for M/S work.
See the manual for details.





Design concept: (tube) pentode hybrid line signal conditioner, transformer input and output
2 tube modes: triode and pentode
2 channels
Output mode: Transformer or solid state balanced driver
Frequency response: 10Hz-50kHz +/- 3dB
Maximum gain: 20dB
Harmonic distortion: <2% before clipping level, quickly decreases if driven less.
Maximum output level: 32dBu
Minimum output load: 600Ohm
Connectors: XLR, balanced only
Power consumption: 30W
All supply voltages regulated.
285V Plate voltage for huge headroom
Gold plated printed circuit boards with a double copper layer.
Gold plated tube sockets


The Creamliner can be ordered with Ni-Fe alloy or pure Steel output transformers:


Creamliner A:  2 Ni-Fe alloy core output transformers
Creamliner B:  2 pure Steel core output transformers (the choice of most people)
Please specify mains voltage when ordering: 115VAC or 220-240VAC.
We give a one year warranty on parts and labor.

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 60 × 49 × 14 cm


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