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So how did Sonic Farm gear work for you?
If you are a Sonic Farm user, please leave feedback on this page.
Even better, send us some audio files recorded through our gear!

  • Kevin Dietz

    I’ve been using the Sonic Farm Creamer+ for over a year now. The preamps are second to none! I work mostly in Neve-equipped studios, but I prefer the C+ as my preamps for any stereo source (drum overheads, acoustic guitar, double-micing guitar cabinets, grand piano…) It’s a fantastic piece of gear with a lot of tonal options. The sonic quality of the Creamer+ is apparent the minute you hear audio through it.

    The Creamer+ is a permanent part of my mixing rig as well (Pro Tools > Dangerous summing box > SSL X-Rack bus comp > Creamer+). It equally excels on the mix bus, especially in the case of ITB/Hybrid mixing. It imparts an rich hifi sound, again with all the unit’s great tonal options. It’s a must have in my signal chain.

    I’ve also had the opportunity to use Sonic Farm’s DI (almost exclusively on bass) – bass players hear an immediate difference! I’m fortunate to get to work with a lot of amazing session musicians, and more often than not they say, “…that red DI you used sounds amazing!”

    Last point – hand built in Canada by two extremely knowledgable, experienced, and awesome guys, Boris and Zoran!

  • mike plotnikoff

    Not only is the Creamer+ a great mic pre amp… It is my go to across the mix bus. I love taking my pro tools mix bus out and running it through the Creamer+

    The natural compression it gives the mix is amazing. I love the way it glues everything together. It also gives me the option of going between solid state and tube. If i want my mix to be tighter, i’ll switch the Creamer+ to solid state if I’m looking for a warmer rounder mix I’ll switch to tube. Thanks Boris!!!

  • Simon

    have been using my creamliner for 2 months now, I don’t have as much
    work as you do but I tried it on different projetcs (mostly mastering)
    and I haven’t bypass it since then.

    My version is a Creamliner V2 so the PT/TR choice, the OT/SS and bypass
    are stereo. I also have stepped pot and a 6dB attenuation switch with
    compensate level to drive the tube in a different way.

    Actually I use this feature pretty much all the time, it’s kinda great to know if i should drive the tube more (or less)

    Like most of the people here, i use it mostly in pentode mode, but the few time I prefered the triode, it sounded awesome

    But Pentode is my favorite, it even saves the vocal on a jazz record (with Air 1).

    This is my first tube gear, before I used plugin simulation (like ozone
    multibande exciter) and I still use it sometimes because the creamliner
    makes the plug sound way better.

    The high shelf is used a lot and I don’t use the low shelf that much,
    maybe I should try tocalibrate it differently, like just half a dB or so
    to just get the feeling (400 and 600 seems a bit too high to me) but
    again the couple of time I used it, it sounded great.

  • Domagoj

    Hi there!!

    I have been using Creamer for a couple of years now and I am always excited and impressed with the sound that I get out of it.
    Quite versatile with a nice color coming out of it.
    Beautiful backing vocals with Neumann SM69 with a little compression. No need for additional EQ.

    Excellent for acoustic guitars. Beautiful and round sound without having to EQ or use heavy compression.
    If there is a possibility to have a Distressor in the chain, the sound is as good as it gets.
    When it comes to bass… Creamer is one of the best / if not the best pre to have for recording bass.
    Creamer always gives a nice sounding instrument and if you are looking for a pre, Creamer is the way to go.

    Keep up the good work guys!!

  • Claude Laforest

    Hey Everyone!
    I’m very excited to be receiving my new Berliner shortly. I’m a long time user of the Creamer Plus and Boris was kind enough to lend me the Berliner to try and let’s just say I love the results I was getting. In fact one producer who is returning to record in September specifically asked if I could have the Berliner. I’ve used the Berliner primarily for vocals with an Advanced Audio CM-47 and my vintage 1176 and the sounds have been spectacular.
    So I highly recommend this unit.
    Also want to tell you about my recent experience using the Silkworm. Again I was able to borrow a few units and put them to the test during an orchestra scoring session. They were used on the Decca tree and surrounds and sounded great! Another one of Sonic Farms products that’s going on my wish list! If you’re looking for high quality products and a very reasonable price you owe it to yourself to check out the Sonic Farm product line
    Maximus Sound

  • John Tennant

    I just posted a detailed review of the Beamer on the gearslutz forum:


    All good things from this incredibly versatile box.