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Sound on Sound reviews our Berliner preamp! Just out!

  Do we all love Sound On Sound? Absolutely! Do they love our gear? Ditto! Another stellar Berliner review that needs no further comments. Here’s SOS’s Hugh Robjons: It has a lovely sound character: immediately larger than life, full and warm, yet still crystal clear, detailed and involving. This is Sonic Farm’s most impressive product […]

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Chuck Ainlay loves the Creamer Plus!

Celebrity music producers use only the best gear that can deliver the highest standards they uphold. That’s why we are really honored that Chuck Ainley chose our Creamer Plus as one of his go-to preamps. His BackStage room within the Sound Stage Studio complex is one of the busiest in Nashville. Chuck has worked with […]

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Mix Magazine reviews Silkworm!

  Here’s the latest Silkworm review, this time by Mix Magazine’s Technical Editor Kevin Becka. This guy has heard almost every preamp under the sun so when he says he loves it, that means our unit scores really high. Long story short, here’s Kevin’s final point in this review article: How they got all this […]

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Sonic Farm 2di4 is Joe Chiccarelli’s “go-to” DI for bass!

  For anyone who knows anything about music recording, I’m sure it’s quite redundant to introduce one of the icons of today’s music production and recording engineering, Joe Chiccarelli. His career dates back from the 70’s and includes greats such as Bee Gees, Journey, Frank Zappa, Bangles, Oingo-Boingo, Pat Benetar, Joan Baez, Al Stewart, Chilliwack, […]

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