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Mix Magazine reviews our Xcalibur JC! Read the July 2019 issue!

Or just click on the image or follow the link below. The reviewer Barry Rudolph puts our unit through its paces on vocals, guitars, bass and drums. At the end, he is genuinely impressed: It is amazing that all possible analog colors from saturated tubes, FET transistors and transformers are combined and infinitely adjustable in […]

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Rob Bailey Tantra demo: Overdriven tones

Rob Bailey is not exactly a headbanger, but he has pulled off some amazing overdriven sounds out of his basses through Tantra. This amp actually sounds like a real overdriven tube amp, versus many solid state distortion circuits that can never deliver the real thing. Let’s see what you think!

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Rob Bailey Tantra demo: Slapped Jazz bass

Here’s the second Rob Bailey Tantra video: Jazz Bass, slap style: As you can tell, the clarity, warmth and punch are all there. The compressor can take all the fast transients of a slapped bass without any pops, clicks or pumping. It just packs more explosive energy into the tone. next up: Tantra in overdriven […]

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