2DI4 Mk.II pentode direct box is now shipping!

The new 2DI4 pentode direct box is now ready to go! While keeping the same rich tone that the original version is known for, we have improved the design and added a few bells and whistles:

1. Unbalanced line output added. The Amp (or thru) output is now on the rear.

2. Mini stereo jacks for Aux input (from phone, tablet, laptop, audio player etc.) and headphones output added to be able to play along your favorite tracks. This can come handy if you want to practice your bass in the middle of a night or if you are on a tour in a hotel room…

3. Gain switch has 3 positions now. Low gain added for extremely hot basses.

4. Less current draw in the tube circuit means less heat dissipation.

So we hope this upgraded version will be as popular as the first one.

As always, we are grateful to our faithful users!

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