New European reviews: Xcalibur JC, Creamliner III and another 2di4 test!

Recently, initiated by our European distributors and the colossal  music gear online seller Thomann, there has been a series of reviews in German, aimed at informing the European pro-audio community about the new Sonic Farm units they incorporated into their huge assortment of equipment.

The recent reviews  tested the new version of the 2DI4, the Creamliner III and the Xcalibur JC. All of these reviews are already on our Reviews page.

However, we’d like to single out the Xcalibur JC review, because we simply think that this unit deserves mush more attention than it has so far received.
Moreover, the reviewer Axel Ritt who produces a lot of leading German acts, came up with excellent audio samples that are worth hearing for anyone even remotely considering incorporating saturation into their production. And on top of that, of course, Xcalibur is also a top-notch tube preamp in its clean mode, so the JC is basically a unit that never sleeps in your studio: use it for tracking, mixing and mastering.

Here are the links of the reviews, do check them out:
Xcalibur JC (January 2023), German and English 
Creamliner III
(September 2022) 
(June 2022)

We’ll be back soon!


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