Bass Musician Magazine reviews our Tantra 2500W amp!

Jake Wolf is a professional touring and session bass player based in Asheville, NC. He has laid his hands on many bass amps.
So that much more are we delighted to see him go head over heels about our 2500W version of Tantra bass amp that we had sent him to check out!

Here are some of the highlights from the review:

I had a real blast testing this amp, and can say with conviction that every feature and option on the Tantra is very well thought out, supremely executed and musical in nature.
With its studio-quality tube preamp/DI, exceptional EQ section, onboard compression, variable overdrive, harmonic generators and (prepare for understatement) massively powerful 2500w Class D amplifier module, the Tantra is a bass amp for those who demand precisely zero compromises.

So if you play bass, you may want to read the whole review. Here is the link.

Thank you,  Jake Wolf and Bass Musician Magazine!

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