Introducing Xcalibur JC!

This is our new product, a special version of the Xcalibur saturation preamp, designed in collaboration with Joe Chiccarelli.

Like the original Xcalibur, it’s a preamp with multiple personalities: from sparkly clean to massive overdrive capable of some serious sonic damage!
In addition to the standard Xcalibur controls, it has a post drive low-pass filter, which makes it possible to roll off the undesired high frequency content with 2 possible settings.
The first one rolls of all frequencies upward of 5.5kHz with a 12dB/octave slope. The second one starts from 1kHz and rolls off treble with a mild slope of 6dB/octave. The later one is used mostly to warm up lightly overdriven sounds and blend them in with the clean signal to fatten it up.
The output attenuator switch has been replaced with an output level pot. And the overdrive gain now has 3 stages: normal, low and OD+.
Xcaliburs run on a super high, 320VDC plate voltage, which gives them an unbelievably rich clean and also saturated tones.
Like all of our tube preamps, you can use it with microphones, instruments or line-level signals in your studio.
Come by our booth 10947 at the upcoming NAMM Show in Anaheim to check out this new piece of gear!

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