Ryan Worsley at the Echoplant Sound puts the Star TrEQ through its paces!



Ryan Worsley is a passionate, seasoned music producer and a true sonic wizard.  What makes him unique is his coveted ability to make practically anything sound AMAZING.  He received a nomination for engineer of the year from the Juno Awards in 2020. In 2015, he received his first nomination for Producer of the Year and the award for Engineer of the Year from the Western Canadian Music Awards and has been nominated in one or both categories every year since, taking home another award in 2018 for Producer of the Year. In addition to these accolades, his experience writing for, producing, recording and performing with Universal Music Canada act Dear Rouge resulted in a Juno Award for Breakthrough Group of the Year and the album Melt by Nuela Charles, which he cowrote, produced and mixed a number of songs on, received a nomination for album of the year at the 2020 Juno Awards.

Ryan already owns and almost continuously uses several pieces of Sonic Farm gear at his facility.

That’s why we were honored when he offered to test-drive our Star TrEQ prototype at his Coquitlam, BC Studio. After over a week of using the Star TrEQ on his latest project, here’s what he concluded:

“I love how versatile this eq is.  It can go from subtle shaping to super surgical, but always remains musical.  I’ve been using it on my master bus, and it really shines there, giving me rich and thick low end with still lots of definition.  The 3 shelving settings on the hi band are super smooth.  You might think it’s a mastering eq, but it’s great on pretty much anything.  The transformer switch adds some nice thickness to the low-end and smooths out the highs.   This eq is incredible. It can go from subtle shaping to extreme carving and it’s built like a tank.  All my carving needs are covered with this sexy beast of an eq.”

Thank you, Ryan! Your feedback is very valuable to us in fine-tuning the prototype of our baby-EQ project!

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