TapeOp magazine reviews our 2500W Tantra version!


TapeOp magazine just published a review of the 2500W version of our Tantra bass amp in their July/August 2021 issue.

The reviewer was Kirt Shearer, who was the first ever to ask for a review of any of our units, the Creamer, back in 2010. We have added many new products since then, and Kirt did not forget us. He was fascinated back then with the Creamer, but he was even more ecstatic when he put the Tantra through its paces. He then invited some professional bassists playing different music genres to play the amp and lend their opinion of it.

Here are a couple of their remarks:

(Jon Talbot, who uses a lot of overdriven bass tones)

“This is the greatest sounding amp I have ever plugged into this cabinet. (8×10)”

Kevin (Cain, plays a lot of funk/slap style) has a large collection of basses and amps, but noted that

…the Tantra was the best sounding and most versatile head he had used.

Brett Cole (using an electric upright bass) After 20 seconds, he stopped and shook his head saying

…that was the best upright sound he had gotten. It was clean and articulate while sounding balanced and full. Adding some second-order harmonics naturally enhanced the articulation.

Finally, Kirt concludes:

No matter what we asked this amp to do, musicality in the tone never suffered. It takes some deliberate time to understand the myriad of controls and options to get the most out of it, but it will deliver almost any tone with excellence. It’s an amazing studio DI front end that can also drive a cabinet with more power than you thought possible (if you choose the amp option). Not cheap, but in my opinion, it’s worth every penny, and will provide an amazing tone in the studio.

You can read the full review here or on TapeOp website.

Thank you, Kirt and TapeOp!

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