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One Response to Sonic Farm at the 2017 Winter NAMM!

  1. BassnaGas January 18, 2017 at 6:09 am #

    TANTRA, BASS PREAMP AND DIRECT BOX…played true EBS NeoGorm 2×10 w/tweeter…Mattisson bass, series II , 4 str. and Ritter R8, 4str.
    After 30 years of playing bass as a hobby and profesional, I finaly found bass preamp that it can make bass sound great in any type of room.
    Technical data is available on line but I can tell you that TANTRA is loaded with studio quality compressor, shelving bass and treble controls, 3 fully parrametric bands, that overlap, making any sound correction posible, adjustable distortion circuit, High Pass filter w/ 28hz, 60hz and 40 hz switchable and harmonic sintesizer.
    Quality of the sound is exceptional, combinations are infinitive and that gives me possibility to bring any style of playing to a new level.
    When you get punch, definition, sweetness, growl a sound that you’w been looking for, than you get inspired to play.

    BASSNAGAS, Vancouver, Ca.

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