Amy Grant with VSO, Creamliner and a “Silkpack” at the Orpheum!


Nashville based Gospel artist Amy Grant packed Vancouver’s Orpheum theater to the brim.
This venue, home of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, hosted many renowned artists’ performances with the powerful orchestral arrangement backing.

Her FOH mixing engineer, Russ Long, is our friend and Sonic Farm gear user. He emailed us in advance to secure some of our gear to counterbalance the “digitalitis” that most today’s live mixing boards suffer from.
We brought a sixpack of Silkworms and a Creamliner.

Silkworms gave the drums a transparency along with warmth and punch and Creamliner smoothed out the frequency response and glued the mix.

The final result was a lush, natural sound and a performance many will remember.
Pictured below is Russ Long at the FOH board after and the stage during the show.


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