Bass Gear Magazine: The search for the ultimate DI ends here!


Review time!

This time the renown Bass Gear bi-monthly magazine reviews our 2DI4 direct box in full detail! They dedicated no less than 10 pages (!) to this review, giving it both an “in hand” player review (by the chief magazine editor Tom Bowlus) as well as an “on bench” measurement test (by the magazine’s tech expert Tom Lee).
This is the most meticulously detailed review any magazine ever gave us!

So what’s the scoop? Both editors were extremely impressed by our unit. The end result? Our 2DI4 is to stay in Ohio!
I’ll just quote Tom Lee’s concluding statement:

Do you truly need a DI with all of these bells and whistles? Maybe not. But if you are looking for the ultimate DI, I would start, and likely end, my search right here.

Please read the full review here or in this edition of Bass Gear.

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