“Creamer is NOT a One-Trick-Pony!”


“Creamer, Creamer, on the wall, who’s the most talented of them all??” – this is how award winning engineer, producer, songwriter and guitarist Tony Rudner talks to his newly acquired studio weapon!

“But humor aside, I’ve been through the thick and thin of Music industry”, says Tony, “and after about 35 albums, 14 feature films, 8 TV series, innumerable commercials and countless recording sessions, my ears have become quite demanding. Subtle differences in quality have become very important as they add up to (or take away from) the credibility of recorded music.

“When I decided to launch the Harbourside Institute of Technology and Harbourside Studios in North Vancouver, Canada, I knew that I had to deliver to both my students and studio clients what they expected. To the students, the ability to discern between the good and the bad sound and the skill to steer it to where it needs to go. To my clients, the finished recordings that would hold their own next to any radio material.

“Both categories come from a plethora of music cultures and interests. So when I was choosing the equipment for the studio (which is occupied by students during day hours), I knew I had to use my budget wisely and get quality gear that delivers the right sound for as many sound sources as possible. I couldn’t afford a preamp that was just good for a female rock mezzo-soprano vocal through an AKG C12, you know what I mean? I already had one quite specialized unit, the Manley Voxbox but needed a product that sounded great with as many mics and instruments possible. I had kept my trusted Trident Dream series 24 board, which is very useful when I need a lot of channels at once, like drums. It sounds great, but it kind of has its own musical imprint. Not very versatile.

“That’s when I , by coincidence, ran into Boris. When I told him what I wanted, it kind of felt like preaching to the choir. He brought over a test Creamer Plus the next day.

“After the first few minutes of auditioning with a couple of mics, I knew this was an excellent piece of gear. Another hour, and I was a believer. By the end of the day, I become an addict! This thing was not to leave my studio any more! A few months later, my enthusiasm has not waned: the C+ is my first choice for recording anything, vocals, acoustic and electric instruments, bass, percussion, etc. When I record drums, I use it for overheads; I find this to be the most critical for the drum sound. I wish I had 12 or so channels of this kind of quality.

“The Creamer is the most versatile preamp I have ever used. It can be tailored to shine in any application, with almost any microphone.  Surely, there are amazing units out there that are the best for a given application. But they are mostly one trick ponies. Creamer is not. You tweak a few knobs and voilà: huge, rich, detailed sound.

Thanks for being such a great supporter, Tony!

Below: Tony shows how fat and big Creamer sounds.


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