Jesse Gander relies on a Creamer+ and a 2DI4 at the Hive Studio!


The Nautical Miles are an adventurous four-piece alt-roots band from Vancouver. Whether collaborating with jazz artists for mash-up performances, with visual artists for a year-long song-blog, with bluegrass bands or brass quintets, The Nautical Miles continue to push the boundaries of contemporary Canadian folk music. With this band, you can never be certain what will come next, only that you don’t want to miss it.

For their new album project, they chose a small studio in Burnaby, The Hive, known for its out-of-the-box production and recording approaches.
The creative engineer/producer Jesse Gander wanted a clear and punchy but still warm sound on the drums and bass. His final choice fell on the Creamer Plus and a 2DI4 (actually on this occasion he used an older Je-DI version).
The session went as smooth as can be, and the resulting tracks were convincing, with weight, punch and detail.

In Jesse’s own words:

“I used the Creamer+ on drum overheads for the new Nautical Miles record and got some of the most detailed cymbal recording I’ve made. A pair of akg 451’s and a spot mic on the kick and snare was all that was needed. Great transient response combined and a solid low end made the drums sound controlled without sounding compressed.
“The Je-DI also delivered on the bass guitar. I’m not usually a Di man, as I often prefer the warmth of an amp, but with Je-DI the DI track sounded full and thick. Sat really well in the mix too.
Congrats on two great products!”

Thanks for trusting Sonic Farm, Jesse!
Pictured above is the Hive Creative Labs control room.  Below are the guys from Nautical Miles and Jesse with the Creamer and Je-DI.


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