Creamer Plus on the latest Lady Antebellum record!

PW_02wA 3-time Grammy winning engineer, mixer and producer Clarke Scleicher has been laying down tracks for Nashville country music icons since the early 80’s.

He has worked with people like Neil Young, Amy Grant, Martina McBride and many others. But he’s best known for his work with producer Paul Worley on Lady Antebellum records since their debut. This team won Grammys for the Best Country Album of the year for “Need You Now” in 2011  and “Own The Night” in 2012. We got in contact with Clarke through his friend Tony Rudner, a long time Creamer Plus user.

Being a free spirited studio cat who loves to try new stuff, Clarke gladly agreed to put the Creamer Plus to work on the latest Lady Antebellum record, “Golden”, which was released in early May this year.

A lot of experimentation went on as Creamer made it to the Warner Studios Nashville.  It ended up being Clarke’s favorite on guitars, background vocals and drum overheads. Here’s what he told us after the painstaking work of recording, editing and mixing was behind him:

The Creamer Plus is an extremely versatile preamp. It’s sonic qualities are amazing! We used it to record overheads, BGV’s & acoustic guitars on Lady Antebellum’s new record and loved it! Also, I got the best ever bass sound by running  the bass track through Creamer’s line input for some additional harmonics and definition. The Creamer is a must have tool!

Surely, engineers of Clarke’s caliber are not easy to please. They have access to any studio gear available on the face of this planet. That’s why we’re so honored that our preamp took such a prominent place in this project with all those talented people.

Thank you, Clarke!

Pictured below is Clarke Schleicher with the Creamer Plus during a break in the middle of a session with Lady Antebellum. His smiling face tells that he likes what’s coming out of the box he’s leaning on.


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