Creamliner PAR review out!



Here is the first ever major magazine review of the Creamliner. I’m glad to report that our unit passed with flying colors again. Russ Long held the unit to the fire at his home studio, and it didn’t dissapoint.

He also included in the review an excerpt from his conversation with Chris Rabold, a Creamliner user and FOH mixer for Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Kenny Chesney. He gave Russ a lot of details about what exactly is missing with digital mixing desks, how he uses the Creamliner on tours and with what settings.

Here are just a couple of quotes from the test article:

[quote]I’ve utilized the box on dozens of mixes, enjoying result in every instance. The unit is highly-adaptable; it’s easy to vary the sonic color from slight to drastic, and the FAT and AIR shelving EQ options provide even more sonic flexibility.[/quote] 

[quote]The Creamliner gave me exactly what I was looking for. With the Creamliner, I could get that ‘glue thing’ happening and with it, a very musical, produced sound but with zero unwanted artifacts. It doesn’t do warm by reducing highs or smearing transients like so many others; it just makes things better![/quote] 

Please read the review with all details by downloading it from our server here, or read it directly in PAR’s digital edition.
We don’t rest on old laurels, and neither do we release new units like sausages. Every new product is a milestone in it’s own way.

Stand by for more high quality products soon!


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