Sound On Sound Creamer Plus review is out!


The long awaited iconic British magazine’s Sonic Farm Creamer Plus test has just been published in their May 2012 issue.
We are delighted with the results of the review, conducted by Hugh Robjohns, and are eager to see what the reactions of the pro audio community will be…

Please download the article PDF here or just click on the image above.
I couldn’t resist to quote a couple of Hugh’s impressions:

“…it is always wonderfully appealing and musical, adding a relaxed sense of life and character to every source. The more I used this preamp and compared it with my familiar references, the more I became aware that transients seemed to be enhanced in a subtle but interesting way, too — probably because of the minimal negative feedback.
Electric guitars and keyboards (miked or DI’d), percussion, drums, voices — everything took on a pleasing, larger-than-life character and became somehow more satisfying and organic.”

Right on, Hugh! But our users already know all that, right?

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