Go D.O.A., go! (and bring along a Creamliner on your Europe tour!)

The famous coin-phrase, “I have come to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable” couldn’t more appropriately describe the philosophy, activism and music career of Joe Keithley and his iconic punk band D.O.A. (for our non english-speaking subscribers, D.O.A. is an abbreviation used by ambulance and police employees that means “Dead On Arrival”).

Punk music has the power to bring forth important social messages and unite various alternative groups of people and that’s exactly how D.O.A. uses it.
This is not your comfortably numb pop stuff or elevator music. No silicone boobs or plastic surgery booties aimed to distract you from the all important reality. The world will be a better place, and D.O.A. wants to be a part of that change NOW, not when it becomes mainstream.

I am a lifelong activist who has worked hard for the past 35 years to try to create positive change in our world!

– says Joe, and anyone who has kept up to date with his and D.O.A.’s activity couldn’t agree more.
D.O.A. are known for playing peace rallies and environmental events. Keithley has been increasingly interested in politics, saying that shows where he can make a difference are more rewarding. During D.O.A.’s 2011 Canadian tour, Keithley gave free solo acoustic performances in 3 of the ten cities that had appeared across Canada in support of the Occupy Wall Street protests, Occupy Ottawa, Occupy Regina and Occupy Vancouver.

We were happy to support D.O.A.’s last studio album, titled, “We Come In Peace” by lending them a bunch of Creamers that were used on vocals, guitars, bass and drums. Also across the stereo buss during the mixing process. The record was recorded and mixed by Sean Hollowaychuk, our faithful user and supporter at his “Profile Sound” studio.

Check out the following 3 songs from that collection. They ooze with that magic nostalgia that few recordings can boast with. You can almost touch the voice and the instruments:

“Lost Souls”, “We Occupy”, and the Beatles’ cover “Revolution”


During their recent 35-year anniversary Canada and US tour, D.O.A. played the Rikshaw theater in Vancouver. Sean recorded that whole concert. Here are tracks called “2+2” and “Class Wars”:

As this blog is published, D.O.A. is packing their bags and leaving for a month long European tour! We gave them a Creamliner to improve their PA  sound and wished them a happy journey. The tour dates are here.

Pictured above is D.O.A. at the Rikshaw theater, Chinatown Vancouver.


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