Spirit Of The Rhythm, Fazioli, Steinway and Creamers!


International Eclectic Ensemble “Spirit Of The Rhythm” consists of acclaimed classical keyboardists who added a modern touch to their music and mixed together instruments such as acoustic pianos and synthesizers to paint exciting new musical landscapes.

Keyboardists Tomislav Baynov, Svetlana Haensel, Victoria Francisco, Dorothy Uytengsu, Rosa Hong, and composer Berndt Haensel travel the world playing their music and bring the message of peace by marrying musical genres such as classical, Jazz, Rock and Latin.

We helped them to get the right sound at their recent Vancouver concert at Kitsilano’s St Helen’s church, as well as record the performance for a live CD release.
Below is the Fazioli and Steinway piano setup with Advanced Audio and Røde X-Y microphone pairs, with a closer look under the piano lids.



Below is band leader Tomislav Baynov at the amazing sounding Fazioli baby grand piano.


And finally, here’s who was running the show in the background (bottom of this post): A rack stuffed with Sonic Farm Creamer preamps. We wanted to debunk one of the pro-audio misconceptions that tube preamps shouldn’t be used with classical instruments because “there’s no need to add harmonics to the already harmonically-rich sounds”. Well, we’ll let you judge the clarity, transients, dynamics and presence of these piano recordings.

2 piano duets: “Milonga del Angel” performed by Tomislav Baynov and Svetlana Haensel, and “Libertango” performed by Victoria Francisco and Dorothy Uytengsu. Both compositions were written by the Argentinian composer A. Piazolla:


Bravo, Spirit Of The Rhythm!




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