Howard Redekopp falls in love with the Creamer at The Warehouse

Young producer/engineer Howard Redekopp booked Vancouver’s top studio, The Warehouse, hoping to make full use of the arsenal of vintage microphone preamps they have in their racks. But somehow he  met Boris before his project started. Upon hearing of Howard’s imminent studio session, Boris suggested he tried the Creamer Plus and Je-DI.

Taking a chance with an unknown preamp and a DI, Howard almost reluctantly took them to his first recording. When the Overheads sound at his drum tracking session was not happening, almost in resignation, Howard turned to Creamer Plus. Instantly, the clarity, transients and coloration he was after were all there.

“I couldn’t believe the sound I was getting! Needles to say, I went on using the Plus (and later Je-DI as well) on just about anything:  mandolin, Martin acoustic guitar, bass!”

Continuing the project at his home studio, Howard took the Creamer with him to record vocals. He loved the sound. The tracks recorded with the Creamer made it to the final mix.

No doubt, vintage mic preamps sound great. But you never know what lurks inside a shiny woodpecker-colored box!

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