Jim Cuddy of Blue Rodeo Takes Creamer and Je-DI on Tour!

Jim Cuddy of Blue Rodeo was delighted when he discovered what Je-DI did for his acoustic guitar live sound. Immediately, he took it with him on a Canada tour which culminated on February 14th in Toronto. The tour was a great success.

“It was a huge improvement over my go-to DI! It rivals my unplugged guitar sound! Both me and Richie [Steeb, FOH engineer] also loved the improvement of the overall PA sound with Creamer Plus inserted into the signal chain right after our Venue digital board. Thank you, Sonic Farm!”

“Thank you, Jim!”

After the tour, Jim took the “Plus” into his Toronto studio. Time for some serious sound damage!

Pictured below is Richie next to his FOH rig.

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