Hugh Robjohns reviews Xcalibur JC in the 11/19 SOS issue!

This detailed review totally does our Xcalibur JC justice!
We couldn’t possibly ask for more praises than what SOS veteran reviewer Hugh Robjohns gave us in this very detailed test article.
He ran just about any possible studio signal through the JC, vocals, guitars, basses, synths, drums, loops, subgroups and the whole mix!
And then sent it to the SOS lab for measurements!

So if you are in the market for a new tube preamp, and you are tired of one-trick-ponies, and if you think outside the box of the vintage preamp clones, then you should definitely read this review!

Here’s Hugh’s final verdict:

Whether used on an individual instrument,
a stereo stem or a full mix, the Xcalibur
always sprinkles ‘fairy dust’ on everything
passing through it. Those who have
read many of my SOS reviews will know
that I’m not always the biggest fan of
distortion processors, but I grew to really
love what this high-quality and versatile
box can do!

Thanks, Hugh and thanks SOS!

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