You can pry Greg Wells’s Xcalibur JC from his dead hands!

Greg Wells is simply blown away by his new Xcalibur JC saturation preamp. In his own words:

There are millions of ways to induce overdrive on your tracks, but I’ve never heard anything as cool as my Xcalibur JC unit. You can pry it from my dead hands!

Boris and I are old fashioned lads. Even after decades of dabbling with music production and recording, we’ve stuck with the proven recipe: find a good sounding instrument or voice, position your mics well, record it clean, EQ it as needed, and then mix it with other tracks within a well thought-of arrangement.
So we would have never come up with the Xcalibur if it were not for more open-minded and experienced engineers/producers to ask for a unit like that.

And now folks like Joe Chiccarelli and Greg Wells use it on almost every single track they produce! And these are guys that have sold over 100 million records!
We must have done something right.
Thanks, Greg and Joe!

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