Introducing the Creamliner!

We have been working hard on the Creamliner for the past few months.

Basically, it is is a stereo line signal conditioner, aimed at improving the sound of digital PA boards by running it through a pentode.
2 tactile switches allow for line selection and true bypass, enabling it to connect two mixers, as often needed at live events.
Both channels are affected by the tube mode switch.
The pentode mode will have the same output level as the triode mode, facilitating auditioning between triode, pentode and bypass.
After first tests at live shows, we have changed the tube bias in pentode mode to have fewer harmonics than the Creamer. (Creamer will not have this change as people like how it sounds) The result is a warmer and somewhat “glued” stereo image, with a noticeable improvement on the smoothness of high end, something that is typically an issue with digital boards. We have already tested prototypes at live shows as well as with some professional mastering facilities, and the response has been more than encouraging.

We will have a pre-production unit at the AES show in San Francisco this fall.

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