“I’d kill for a dozen channels to use on an entire drum kit !” (Russ Long, Silkworm PAR review 1/2014)


This is the first official Silkworm magazine review, and, I must admit that we’re, by now, spoiled. We didn’t expect anything but a great review. On one hand this would make us ego-centered and conceited, but on the other, it provides a challenge to maintain a high product quality standard and not rest on old laurels.

Russ Long stretched the test over several months to cover as many studio tasks as possible. We called him a month after he received and asked for any first hand impressions:

“I love the Silkworm!…but is there any way you can add a high pass filter?”

I responded, “Well, maybe, but only if I replace another feature with it. No more space on the front panel! But we’re in good company because many popular series 500 preamps, like Neve 1072LB, API512, Chandler Germanium, Focusrite Red, BAE, Vintech, Purple Audio, Burl Audio, Earthworks, Buzz Audio, Great River and all A-designs modules don’t have a Hi-pass filter either.”

He didn’t respond and I didn’t hear from him until early this month when he said the review is ready for the fact-check before publishing.

“I thought about that filter…” I said, “and I could get rid of the Vibe switch and put the HP filter switch there instead”

“No, no! Don’t mess with anything!” he replied, “And that Vibe switch is the real deal! By the way, I absolutely love the Silkworm! How much $ if I want to hold onto it?”

So that explains everything. The details are in the review article. It reviews Silkworm and two other series 500 preamps. Read the review here.

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