Producer Winston Hauschild talks about his new Silkworms…


Winston Hauschild is a Vancouver based record producer, songwriter and artist who has been entrenched in the Vancouver music scene for almost 20 years. Most recently, the album Everything In the World (Nettwerk/Universal) that he produced for Wanting Qu has gone triple platinum in both China and Hong Kong. Furthermore, he has taken China by storm with one of his own compositions, “Lonely”, being covered by Hong Kong Canto-pop star Alan Tam.

Closer to home, his work with Juno nominee Hannah Georgas (The Beat Stuff – Hidden Pony/EMI) was instrumental in getting her signed to her first management and recording contract. He’s also produced heaps of other Vancouver artists including Hey Ocean!, Nat Jay, Mike Edel and City of Glass.

Says Winston,

I’ve been making records in my overdub suite for over 5 years using nothing more than my API 312s. I’ve used the Creamer many times in larger studios but had never given the Silkworm a proper go. I let Boris know I was working on a new EP that would require about 5 days of overdubs and I’d be interested in trying out a couple of Silkworms for the project. Being based in the Vancouver area, and having Sonic Farm so close, is a real treat. Boris willingly dropped off the Silkies and the first thing I did every morning was patch back and forth between the APIs and the Silkworms. On every damn occasion, the Silkworms won. More open sounding, nicer highs and fatter lows (especially in transformer mode). The vibe switch is now essential for me. When switching between an SM7 or a KM184 or a CM48 you can get different high end “vibes” for different mics. So cool!

When Boris called to pick up the units, I basically said, “no way”. And I bought them.

‘Nuff said. Pictured (above) is Winston up against the wall before getting his Silkworms and (below) the same guy later after he got his new toys.
Thank you, Winston, and may many artists be Wanting your services!


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