Mix Magazine publishes the Berliner review!


As announced recently on our Facebook page, the Mix Magazine published a review of our Berliner preamp!
Michael Cooper had the test unit for several months, and was able to throw on it many different tasks a multifaceted studio like his comes across.

The review is nothing short of spectacular, and we couldn’t have written it better ourselves!
I’ll just give you a few highlights, and the rest you can read here or you can go directly to this Mix Magazine link.
So, here it goes:

Berliner sounded outstanding on lead vocals: at once lush, three-dimensional, clear and precise.

Next up was a palm-muted electric-guitar vamp, played with a ’62 Strat. Driving the tube gain stage once again delivered a gorgeous sound: lush, yet brimming with in-your-face detail.

The Fat and Air equalization circuits both sounded absolutely gorgeous: smooth and rich.
The FAT2 setting lent a thunderous low end to electric bass guitar, recorded via Berliner’s front panel DI jack. With the tube gain cranked and the solid-state output selected, the sound was huge but not at all boomy or mushy.

Running a full mix through the line inputs, the preamp added delicate luster, subtle top-octave sparkle and dimension.

The bottom line? Whether processing mic, line or instrument signals, Berliner sounds absolutely phenomenal.

We thank both Michael Cooper and the Mix magazine for this amazing review!


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