Recording Magazine 2DI4 review is out!



The first EVER major magazine review of the 2DI4 pentode direct box is finally out!
For several months, Paul Vnuk Jr. was using the unit extensively and put it to every imaginable use at his busy studio.
In the end, he gave the 2DI for thumbs up in every department.
The 2DI4 was in the recording chain every single day. That much did he fall in love with our DI!
We’ll post the full review on our site as soon as we get a copy from the Recording Magazine.
In the meantime, please read the review in the July 2013 issue!

Update to this post:
Now that I have the review PDF, it is available on the reviews page to read.
I’ll just quote Paul ‘s review conclusion:

With the 2DI4 the folks at Sonic Farm have done a great job of creating a tone box that adds a tube personality in very versatile ways. The 2DI4 avoids the stereotypical dark muddiness that is often considered “vintage”, offering both char- acter and clarity in a lovely balance.
The best praise I can give the 2DI4 is to reiterate that I have used it in every studio session and live sound gig since it entered my life. In other words, the 2DI4 really is “to die for”.

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